Thursday, January 15, 2009

A conversation earlier

has me shaking my head in wonder. One of my liberal friends here at work actually said Jimmy Carter was a good president.


It's gonna be a looooooong four years.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

On the off chance

anyone reading this still thinks you can negotiate with the Palestinians in general and Hamas specifically, I point you to this article:

Rayyan Trained His Kids to Die

If you still think you can discuss peace with a man who will murder his own children to make sure they're martyrs, you have a very odd view of peace.

Basic update

Life continues for the most part. Not much hope on the work front, but I'm in a better place and making the best of it.

Biggest issue is Dad is in the hospital across the street today for what I hope is a pretty standard, fairly minor procedure. Given what happened last January I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it ought to be done within the hour and with God's help all will be well.

Frankly, I'm hoping he decides to skip next January - surgery is not my idea of a fun family ritual.

UPDATE: Mom called, he's out, doc says all went well, and I'm heading out soon to check on him. I'm feeling a bit better now.