Thursday, May 05, 2005


I bent down to pick something up last night and ended up in agony. It may have happened during the furniture moving section of the evening. We've moved the kids up to the attic and converted their room into Mrs.' sewing area.

The move has taken about 6 weeks, as we've been testing it to see if they would sleep up there. Yesterday, Mrs. decided we were ready, so the dresser went upstairs and the sewing cabinet went downstairs. I felt a little pull in my back during the move, but it didn't seem too bad.

About two hours later I bent down to pick up something and I could barely straighten up. I spent the rest of the evening moving gingerly, then went to our neighbor the Physical Therapist for a consultation. She told me it was probably my sacroiliac joint, which is the connection between tushie bone and hip.

In any event, I had more than a little trouble getting my pants on this morning, and Mrs. had to put my shoes & socks on for me. We'll see whether or not I'm stupid enough to try & play hockey tonight. If I can't bend over to put my skates on, we'll never find out whether or not I can skate with this.