Thursday, May 26, 2005

This morning

went about as poorly as could be expected. Mrs. was under the weather (she's gotten the cold the rest of us had), so she asked if I could stay a bit later and help get the kids to school. So I get 'em breakfasted, into shoes & jacket to wait for oldest's carpool. The Fateful words?

"Sweetie, let me brush your hair."

BIG mistake. Shpritz the hair, start to brush, child says "I want pigtails." I tell her it's too late, the carpool's almost here, we'll do it tomorrow. Proceed to meltdown. I'm trying to keep her from bugging Mrs., she's crying hysterically, the other varmint is getting in the way, and the carpool shows up. Mrs. makes the pigtails anyway, I finally get her down, into the car, and BUCKLED in, and she goes ballistic.


I finally take her out of the car, apologize to the other mother, tell her to be on her way & I'll drive myself. Back in to mommy, screaming, crying, timeout, shoes off, shoes back on, bribery (snack in the car) finally get both children in. Youngest, who was going to be dropped off early, is now on time, so everybody is in the car. Snack is raisins (Daddy can be sneaky at times), so all is finally well. Oldest in to school, youngest off to school at her place across town (long story).

Get youngest in to her classroom, and she turns into a barnacle. "Stay with me" No, sweets, daddy has to get to work. Leave her looking sad and abandoned, head home, trade cars, buy breakfast instead of eating at work (it's now close to 9:30), and get to work exhausted and way late.

Can I go back to bed?