Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stuff like this

drives me insane. Why in the hell does everything have to revolve around race? Why do we need to make sure that White people are demonized? Why do companies hire experts and then not listen to them?

Most importantly, why do these morons have to get history wrong when the truth is an inch in front of their faces?

Here's how I see the production meeting going:

Suit #1: The history guy says it's about independence from Mexico. Is Texas near Mexico?

Suit #2: I don't care what the "historian" says - we have to get hot issues on TV - we're educational, remember? Slavery's a big deal, right? Put slavery in there!

Lowly intern gofer type: Umm, wasn't that the civil war? You know, with slaves & stuff?

Suits: Shut UP! you're fired!

UPDATE: I have been informed that slavery was a part of the concerns at the Alamo. I accept that correction meekly, but I stand by my opinion that the TV folks think they can provide all the context necessary in 50 seconds. I'd liken it to a flash card - all anyone walks away with is "Texas Independence=All about slavery." I'm with the historian they hired & ignored - it's a simplistic approach, and reduces everything to soundbites. Bah.